1. "Don’t name your daughter Sumayyah if you’re not willing to let her make sacrifices for her beliefs. Don’t name your daughter Aisha if you’re going to tell her she can’t learn and become a scholar. Don’t name your daughter Nusaybah if you don’t want her to fight tooth and nail for what she believes in. Don’t name your daughter Maryam if you don’t expect greatness of character from her. Don’t name your daughter Aasiya if you’re not willing to let her be a part of the fight against oppressors."
    — Asmaa Hussein (via tmihijabi)
  2. poeticapplebaum:


    Basma K Everyday Hijab Tutorial (step by step) +

    Wow shes beautiful

    I love this!

    (Source: beautyofhijabs, via black-culture)

  3. Herschel Walker, Bill Clinton, Kobe Bryant, Allyson Felix and Matt Kemp at the Health Matters 2014 Kids and Sports Panel.

  4. anonymousmilitant:

    Orphans of the Sahara | AJE

    The Tuareg are the indigenous people of the Sahara desert. They are one of the poorest and most isolated peoples in the world - and one of the most militarized. 

    They are an army of the poor in a land of astounding natural wealth; an animal-herding people in a dying world of drought. In late 2011, after Gaddafi’s death, thousands of them returned to their Saharan homeland in Niger and Mali. 

    But having lost access to the country that was their only source of livelihood, they came home to find little more than crushing poverty, hunger and drought. 

    Barely able to feed their children amidst total state neglect, the men launched a rebellion to found their own country - for which they had already chosen a flag and an old Tuareg name: Azawad. 

    To follow the story, watch the three-part series Orphans of the Sahara.

    (via thepeacefulterrorist)

  5. See my grandmothers…..


    Fulani women, Cameroon

  6. Jaiye Jaiye - Wizkid ft. Femi Kuti

    One of the better afrobeat songs/videos to come out this year.  Love how it seemlessly incorporates sounds of our parents with elements we enjoy today.

  7. This has got to be one of the most  beautiful stories I have read in a while.


    A woman undergoes an eye exam at a temporary clinic set by the Center for Eye Health abt 217 mil of Nairobi, Kenya.

    The organization is running clinics for 5,000 patients using the app Peek Vision, doctors can give patients a full exam using a smartphone.

    The phone conducts cataract scans and basic eye tests, and uses the phone’s flash to illuminate the back of the eye for signs of disease.

    More at —-> africanstories.tumblr.com

    (via dynamicafrica)


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    Salaam all!

    Since we love reading and making dua’as for you all, and you love sending in submissions, we have a small favor to as of you this Eid. If you’ve ever sent us a request or seen us reblog the requests for dua’as minutes before your exams, etc. (though it may seem creepy that we see all your requests) or even if you’ve never sent anything in but made dua’as for those who submit, please promote our blog!

    Whether it’s by reblogging this post or casually placing us in your “tumblr crush” list, please let others know about our blog. Our mission is to bring the Tumblr Ummah together in a way that will help us all, Insha Allah. Please help us do this!

    Jazakom Allah kher.
    -D4D management 


  9. "you broke the ocean
    in half to be here.
    only to find nothing that wants you."


    salt, nayyirah waheed


  10. "I’m gonna take myself a piece of sunshine and paint it all over my sky."
    — Gill Scott-Heron